NGO CSW/NY is committed to an effective and inclusive work environment.  The Executive Committee developed the following agreements to shape the culture of our organization.

  • Stay mission driven
  • Build a culture of excellence, compassion, integrity and honesty
  • Be present and fully engaged
  • Respect one another - Listen, avoid assumptions, enable different opinions, everyone  participates; no one dominates the conversations, stay on schedule; honor time limits
  • Commit to open dialogue and transparency
  • Honor confidentiality and "I" Statements - speak from your own experience instead of generalizing ("I" instead of "they," "we" or "you")
  • Be kind -  Avoid gossip, Critique ideas, not people
  • Encourage all to shine - Inspire each other
  • Seek unity  (not separation) -Build people's ideas up rather than knocking them down, refrain from personal attacks
  • Be inclusive -  Acknowledge that sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism, global North domination and other institutionalized forms of oppression exist.
  • Be positive
  • Appreciate each other and the work
  • Have fun